Biobor EB® – Ethanol Treatment for Gasoline

Formulated to prevent the negative effects of ethanol blended gasoline in all 2 or 4 cycle engines. Technology proven in Biobor’s aviation additives enables Biobor® EB’s formula to delay phase separation in fuel tanks, controlling moisture and preventing corrosion, while providing complete engine protection. Increases engine efficiency and performance. Adds lubricity to vital engine parts. Detergents remove carbon deposits and varnishes, resulting in an all-around better running, cleaner engine. Stabilizes gasoline for up to eighteen months. One ounce treats 15 gallons.

– Prevents phase separation in ethanol-blends
– Removes performance robbing deposits and varnish
– Controls water
– Inhibits corrosion
– Stabilizes fuel for up to 18 months
– Maximizes engine performance and efficiency
– For use in all 2 or 4 cycle engines
– Effective in ethanol-blends and non-ethanol gasoline
– 1oz treats 15 gallons