We approach the problems first by incorporating unique chemistry into our PF-700D formulations that gently but effectively remove carbon, lacquer and varnish build-up during the clean-up process. This clean-up process will vary depending on several factors including the equipment’s age, condition, operating environment, fuel condition and operator habits. Other products may clean the system faster but you risk having to make multiple filter changes, as well as possible pump and injector nozzle plugging or restriction which could lead to additional cost and part replacement.

As with any clean-up process of a fuel delivery system, expect to see a slight reduction in normal performance at first. This is due to the contaminants being removed in the system and exiting through the combustion chamber and out the exhaust. It is normal for the exhaust to appear more opaque (Black) at first. However, once the clean-up process is completed (2-3 tankfuls) the opacity of the exhaust will be significantly reduced. This is also a good visual indication that the PF-700D diesel fuel additive is working to reduce emissions and better fuel economy is being achieved. Typically, the first 2-3 tankfuls of fuel treated with our PF-700 D diesel fuel additive will accomplish 90% of total clean-up.