Protective Coatings and Lining System:
Installations, Design and Specification

Our environmental solutions partner’s industrial painting services are focused on the installation of high-performance, protective coating systems for concrete, steel and other substrates. Asset protection is the ultimate function of such systems and diligence in application and workmanship enhances their performance and service life.

Coatings and linings specialists have decades of field and technical coatings experience and are well-practiced in industry application and specification disciplines. Our expressed goal is to deliver a quality installation in a timely and competitive manner.

Services and Capabilities
• Tank Linings
•Corrosion Control Coatings
• Chemical Resistant Systems
• Protective Coating Systems for Concrete
• Polyurea/Polyurethane/Polyurethane Hybrids
• Containment Systems
• Laminate Reinforced/Mortar Systems
• Mobilized Plural Component Equipment
• Specification Development
• Certified Coatings Inspection

Surface Preparation
• Abrasive Blasting
• Special Media Blasting
• High-Pressure Water Blasting