PF-700D diesel fuel additive employs the use of a catalyst that helps atomize the fuel/air mixture process. This process known as Atomization (fuel mixing with air to form a fine spray mist) is critical for optimum power, fuel economy and emission reduction. This helps to produce a more uniformed spray mist with smaller micro droplets, resulting in a more complete burn of the fuel in the combustion chamber. This achieves several key benefits; 1) the fuel is more evenly dispersed in the combustion chamber 2) creating a finer mist pattern, more of the fuel is efficiently burned, increasing the productivity of the fuel volume 3) by increasing the percentage of the amount of fuel burned effectively, less partial or unburned fuel leaves the combustion chamber thus reducing emission leaving the exhaust.

This process utilized by our PF-700D diesel fuel additive has a Cetane like effect on the fuel; it enables fuels that might be at the lower end of acceptability to be more uniform in the performance properties while at the same time making a high quality fuel perform better.

Our PF-700D diesel fuel additive also removes moisture by breaking it down into micro droplets so they can pass through the fuel delivery system without restricting fuel filters, injector pumps or nozzles and pass safely out the exhaust.