No Degradation in Water Tolerance

It is common knowledge that the fuel injection spray pattern is critical for optimized combustion of the fuel/air mixture. Non uniform spray patterns hinder combustion and increase emissions of smoke and unburned fuel, reducing fuel efficiency. PF-700G gasoline fuel additive test results show acceptable water tolerance when considering the operation of a gasoline engine.

Reduction of Injector Deposits

PF–700G gasoline fuel additive contains an effective detergent/dispersant which reduces the formation of injector deposits and helps to maintain maximum combustion efficiency. The cleanliness properties of PF–700G gasoline fuel additive have shown higher injection flow rates compared to the base fuel.

Improved Fuel Economy

PF–700G gasoline fuel additive can have a measurable, positive effect on engine operation. Fleet owners will benefit from improved fuel economy and improved engine performance. These improvements also contribute to higher fleet operating profits.

Improved Fuel Stability

Fuels deteriorate in storage through a process of autoxidation and chemical reactions between unsaturated hydrocarbons and organic compounds naturally present in the fuel. The end products of fuel deterioration are “soluble gum”, “insoluble gum”, and the formation of particulate matter and sediment by agglomeration. PF–700G gasoline fuel additive significantly improves the storage stability of fuels, reducing operating problems and eliminating the need for frequent cleaning of tanks and equipment.

Improved Injector Cleanliness

PF– 700G gasoline fuel additive offers a substantial contribution to nozzle cleanliness. Interior passages and orifices aren’t blocked, allowing fuel to flow more efficiently. Better atomization and combustion are also assured while injector maintenance and downtimes are substantially reduced.

Superior Corrosion Protection

Storage tanks condense water from the atmosphere, which can run down into the fuel and emulsify with it to produce cloudy fuel. This water can also contribute to fuel system corrosion both for the fuel marketer and the end user. PF–700G gasoline fuel additive provides superior corrosion inhibition to the fuel, protecting injector, tanks, pumps and fuel lines.

Good Anti-Sludge performance

Tests have demonstrated the benefit of improved dispersion in the fuel with PF–700G gasoline fuel additive. The consumer should experience longer filter and pump life and reduce sludge in tank bottoms.

Note: the application of any detergent/dispersant system to a poorly maintained storage system may give rise to initial “pick up” of insolubles. Good housekeeping prevents this occurrence. A gradual introduction of these chemicals can usually prevent excessive disturbance separation characteristics with minimal effects at the water-fuel interface for fuel treated with PF–700G gasoline fuel additive.