Precision Safety Tech Solutions, takes pride in assuring that buyersand sellers are informed and ready to consummate a transaction with validated Sellers. And, we work hard to avoid wasting time. Our approach is to be engaged in every aspect of the buy/sell process to allow the sale and delivery of fuels in an efficient and expedited manner. We facilitate fully the introduction between the Buyer and Seller so that the negotiation between both Buyer and Seller commence smoothly.

We work closely with qualified Buyers and Sellers to vet out as much information as possible concerning a new client Buyer or Seller and we have interest in spot and term contracts.

Our ongoing relationship with suppliers also allows us to check their offers daily to obtain the most competitive pricing, and pass it on to Buyers.

We wish to become your reliable sourcing connection of fuels and crude oil to a worldwide marketplace with a company that strive to make sourcing and connecting reality.




Our Primary Seller is able to provide most of your Petroleum needs depending on supply and cost along with geographical location. Please fill out the information on the contact us page with Quantity and location for delivery please list as much information as possible to help us with the proper information to pass on to our seller for a quicker response.

We will work hard to produce the results that our Seller Partners expect and Buyers deserve.

We are excited about the future in the fuels industryand we are looking forward to working with you.

We will assisttoday’s buyers to purchase their fuel and crude at the most competitive price and shortest time possible.