PF–700 Provides superior corrosion inhibition to the fuel, protecting injector, tanks, pumps and fuel lines. Additionally, tests have demonstrated the benefit of improved dispersion in the fuel with PF–700. Users will experience longer filter and pump life and reduce sludge in tank bottoms.

Product Benefits

• Cleaner, more complete combustion, maximizing efficiency
•Improved Fuel Economy for Lower Operating Cost and Increasing Profits
•Improved Fuel Stability in Storage
•Improved Injector Cleanliness
•Removes Carbon, Gums and Varnish
•Helps Eliminate Ring seizures
•Helps Eliminate Valves from Sticking and Burning
•Better Lubricity for Reduced Wear
•Superior Corrosion Protection
•Good Anti-Sludge Performance
•No Degradation in Water Tolerance

Treatment/Performance Ratios
1 gallon of PF-700 fuel additive treats 1,000 gallons of fuel
MPG Increase = 12 – 16%

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