PF–700D fuel additive significantly improves the stability of even the lowest grades of fuel. Storage time stability is greatly increased, permitting stockpiling without penalizing engine operation and maintenance later. The stabilizing agents in PF–700D fuel additive control the anti-oxidant tendencies of distillates in storage and fuel systems, preventing the formation of gums and other deposits. These deposits can clog fuel filters, stick and plug-up injectors and form water sludge in tanks.

Product Information

• EPA Registered
• Independent Product Testing Conducted by Southwest Research Institute (SWRI)
• Compliant with Federal Utra Low-Sulfur Content
• Innovative Catalyst
• Guaranteed to Improve Fuel Economy by 3.06%
• Cleans Fuel Injectors and Fuel System
• Increases Fuel Lubricity by 44%
• Reduces PM Emissions by 11.6%
• Reduces NOx Emissions by 5.7%
• Improves Power (BTU’s) and Cetane
• Reduces Black Smoke (Opacity)
• Approved for Use in Bio-diesel and Bio-Diesel Blends and Ultra Low-Sulfur Diesel Fuel

Treatment/Performance Ratios
1 gallon fuel to 1200 gallons PF-700D fuel additive = 7 – 12% MPG increase.

There are clear and measurable advantages to incorporating a multi functional diesel fuel additive into your diesel fuel. The end user of PF-700D fuel additive will appreciate the differences in terms of improved performance, reduced noise and extended component life. This all relates to reduced downtime.

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