“In reference in power, showing after 30 miles in the truck due to fuel system being cleaned up. Lube oil stayed clean for 3,000 miles compared to 200 miles untreated. My fuel mileage increased by .5 miles per gallon. I was able to average 4.97 miles per gallon pulling 100,000 lbs. plus. My engine would run cooler pulling large loads, exhaust temp and coolant temp. The Class 8 trucks experienced reduced exhaust smoke. The fuel filters were able to last twice as long as before fuel was treated.”
Clarence R. Finneman – North Dakota

“I was able to use it all summer in my pickups and tractors. After going through my paperwork and gas bills. I figured that with the additive I can save somewhere between 33 – 36%.”
– Milt Madison

“I used it in my farm tractor. It has a lot more power than before, start betters, runs cooler by about 20 degrees on a hard pull and the oil stays cleaner between oil changes.”
– Ron Bartrell

“I have continued to run PF-700 Fuel Additive for almost a year and have seen the mile per gallon increase to 5.14 on a 3 month average. That is almost 1 mpg that figures out to be a fuel saving on an average 300 mile week, to 140 gallons of fuel or $420 per week. All that is just money that went out the exhaust due to low sulfur diesel and/or a dirty fuel system.”
– David Taylor – Guymon, OK

“My 2002 Ford Powerstroke pickup has 187,000 miles on it. It has more power, runs smoother, gets more miles per gallon and the oil stays cleaner much longer.”
– Jim Dreyer – Dumas, TX